Anxiety, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem – Dave Crispin, Speaker, Perth.

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Speaker Topics: Anxiety, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem,

Three issues which can play a major role in shaping who you are – Anxiety, Self-Worth and also Self-Esteem,

If your relationship is facing difficulty or you’re facing a dilemma or uncertainty, anxiety can easily start to creep in.  You question your value or sense of worth, this outwardly projects on how you present and how others see you – your self-esteem.

Anxiety, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem

Anxiety, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem

Anxiety, often the white elephant in the room.

Speaking from experience, I find anxiety is far more prevalent than depression, but talked about far less. One in three women and one in five men will experience some form of anxiety in their lifetime – scary statistics.

As a speaker for beyond blue  I travel throughout Western Australia helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. Depression and anxiety are the two major concerns. Throughout my time I have been fortunate enough to connect with all types of groups: local farming communities, volunteer organisations, companies, government agencies and not forgetting individuals.

My personal experiences

My stories are largely based on personal experiences and also my interactions with others in dealing with depression, and anxiety.

The loss of a parent at an early age, losing my life partner after 26 years, and dealing with cancer, have all had a profound impact on me.  The struggles are only part of my story, the people that I have had the good fortune to meet along the way have added to my message.  

Triumph through adversity.

My overall message is one of hope and resilience. As long as you have hope you have an opportunity for change and as a result, growth.

 “Triumph through adversity” – my life’s motto.

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