Life Coaching and Personal Development

Life Coaching Perth

Life Coaching Perth


What exactly is Life Coaching and Personal Development?


The term Personal development speaks for itself, however there can be   ambivalence surrounding life coaching.

We can all engage in personal development to a certain extent, online courses or workshops even reading related books.

Life coaching differs because we work towards achieving an outcome with the advantage of having a coach to keep you accountable.

There are many coaches which fall under the life coaching banner, so how do you know which one to choose? Pick a coach who has relevant experience in your specific area.

My areas of expertise fall under 3 categories:

  • Confidence coaching
  • Coaching to manage anxiety
  • Relationship coaching

All three are not mutually exclusive.

Confidence coaching

– there are 2 pieces to confidence: the actions of being confident and the feelings of being confident. The actions of being confident come first. This may seem counterintuitive but how many times have you told yourself: “as soon as I…..” or “when I get that I’ll……” it very rarely results in moving passed the obstacle.

Together we work on a process which will see gradual exposure to the area which is holding you back.

Managing anxiety

– depending whether it’s stress or anxiety, the type and severity of the condition we explore the situations and the degree to which the anxiety takes hold. Anxiety and stress affect us all, it’s when the stress or stressor has been removed and we still remain anxious that’s when it’s a good idea to seek professional help.

Relationship coaching

-working with individuals and couples to help rekindle the relationship, see here for more advice.


 Thought provoking and challenging.

Like any professional relationship it’s one built on mutual trust, respect and understanding. My aim is to help you live your life to it’s full potential through a supportive process enabling behavioural changes in your work, personal life and relationships.        


Confidence issues can happen anytime and to anyone.

My intention is to work with you using your strengths to be more creative in exploring different ways to tackle these issues, ways which you may not have thought of in the past. 

Are you willing to commit to the process and to be held accountable? If so, we will get results.

Contact me now to see how coaching can benefit you,  Dave Crispin