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Marriage Counselling Perth & Relationship Coaching

Read this first if your partner has walked out. It may just save your marriage .

Normally, the first area couples focus on is marriage counselling, why? Because, traditionally it’s all you know. In my experience I normally see couples after they have been to marriage counselling and it’s actually made matters worse, the statistics speak for themselves.

Working with couples

Working with many couples and individuals over the years, I find normally, the female is the one who reaches out, occasionally the male. Fortunately, this trend is gradually changing.

As males, although well meaning, we try and solve the problems with our ‘Mr Fixit’ attitude, that mindset very rarely works. Using the same set of skills that contributed to the problem in the first place is highly likely to fail before you even start.

When we understand what the core problems are, we can then focus on working on a process to get the relationship back on track.

As a qualified educator and coach, I can teach new skills on how to reconnect.

Relationship Coaching.

Relationship coaching or couples coaching is a relatively new concept that achieves great results.

There isn’t the stigma around coaching as there is with counselling, especially for guys. Men are more likely to work with a relationship coach than a counsellor, going on past experiences.

Coaching for many years all over the world, and working for one of America’s top marriage saving websites, my knowledge and experience is extensive.

Issues are similar the world over. Inability to manage conflict, poor communication skills and lack of connection. Infidelity, trust and one of the biggest is not being able or willing to see from another’s perspective. For an urgent same day 1 hour telephone coaching session click below now.

Relationships are about connectedness.

Relationships are about connection – what’s done, is done. We focus on how to start reconnecting. Relationships start out as ‘you’ and ‘me’, and if things start to work out and you feel something for that person you slowly become a ‘we’ or ‘us’. Maintaining that takes effort, good relationships dont just happen, they need work.

As time goes on and routine sets in, life takes hold and differences start to surface, soon you’re back to ‘you’ and ‘me’. If you’re not careful, you vs me!

It may seem that all is lost, but often it’s not always the case. Couples just forget how to relate. I can get you to a better place of.

Even when you’ve been living apart for a period of time, the fact remains it is still possible to re-ignite the spark. I have clients who can attest to that.

It only takes one person (a courageous person) to decide it’s time to heal. That’s where I come in.

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Areas in which I work

    • Confidence building
    • Marriage or Relationship problems
    • Lack of motivation
    • Lack of assertiveness
    • Low self-esteem/self Worth
    • Managing anxiety
    • Rebuilding after divorce
    • Infidelity

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