“We attended Dave Crispin’s Self Worth workshop. Right from the get go it was hands on, engaging, practical and extremely liberating to be in a room with such a strong knowledgeable facilitator. Dave delivered his insightful content at a gentle pace and was more than happy for the group to stop and have a conversation around certain areas that needed a little more unpacking or explanation. The day gave me fantastic skills to practice in areas such as a 4 step process to assert myself in any conversation as well as helping me remember how vital it is to do the things that make me come alive and build my core foundation for my own self worth. Too often, we allow others to determine how we are. With a balanced self esteem we have no need to prop ourselves up or down with a false sense of being. How powerful when I’m allowing me to be me. The day has set me on a positive path to improve my relationship with others and myself. Deeply grateful for Dave’s course and all he shared.”

Wez Van den Hoogen June 2016

“My partner and me were blessed to attend Dave Crispin’s full day workshop on Saturday and honestly found his info and delivery life changing. Dave leads by example. We appreciated his profound skills of listening, reflecting and speaking effectively. We went home with tools to empower us for rich conversation and successful communication. Our marriage was definitely zapped with a growing awareness of our own habitual styles of being and offered us freedom to behave differently. In no way has my new sense of confidence, worth or esteem been limited to my relationship. This has immediately overflowed onto how to connect better with everyone, including difficult people. Was lovely to look at ingrained fears about why we avoid assertiveness and instead use unhealthy passive, aggressive or passive aggressive behaviour. Assertiveness is now an alternative to my old ways of powerlessness and manipulation. To express with real empathy and be sensitive to how someone else is feeling are remarkable gifts we can all give to humanity for global healing. The fluency of how we send our messages in life with our voice and body language – The specific training in these techniques were invaluable to me.”

Charlene Joy June 2016

Dave has a clear and direct coaching style that balances both being compassionate and understanding with being challenging and helping you get the best out of yourself. Dave often challenged me to find the reason behind my reason for doing things and helped me uncover the true source of my motivation. He helped me to create clear commitments that exactly defined how I was going to take the necessary actions in my life. Thanks to my work with Dave I was able to both greatly improve my most important relationships and create more success for myself in my business.

                    Max B. San Fransisco May 2015


 Nailed it thank you for helping me own it the visualisation techniques were a huge help!

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Louise . April 18 2015 –  Coached around delivering an award winning presentation.


 “Dave gave some very interesting statistics about depression and anxiety and then related  it to his personal story. He seemed very knowledgeable”

Karina L. March 2015 – York CRC



“Recently I attended a seminar presented by Dave Crispin. Dave has a great style that welcomes, includes and informs us as individuals and as a group as we work toward the essential skills of human engagement. I learned a lot and can now recognise the elements of person-to-person contact. Thanks Dave, top effort.”

Tom H