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2016 Current Events & Workshops in Australia

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Learn new strategies to better manage the pain of divorce or loss. Know that fear, denial, anger, and grief is part of the healing process.

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How to see the true value of who you really are – self-worth. Know what it means to be assertive and recognise the fears that hold you back and how better to manage anxiety.




  • Learn to be more assertiveCRC presentation
  • Learn how to lead and influence others
  • Open questioning techniques
  • Learn 3 components to effective listening
  • How to deal with a harsh start-up                                                              

Learn the different levels of Intimacy and what they really mean. Would you like to manage conflict better? Use various techniques to get to know your partner on a deeper level.                              

flyers_dave-02-1.VCRFLifejpg.001These one-day programs are designed to empower you with new skills and techniques to live a  richer and more rewarding life. 



 Our programs are based on fun and experiential learning. They are inclusive and are designed to be interactive.    

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