Relationship Counselling or Coaching?

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Relationship counselling is one option, but not the only one.

Relationship counselling is one option, but not the only one.


Relationship counselling is traditionally the only method you know regarding trying to save your marriage. There is a more empowering alternative.


The concept of relationship coaching coupled with education allows us to look at the sort of relationship that is possible and realistic, then we talk about how you’re going to make it happen.

Reasons for a marriage breakdown:

  •  Routine – lack of excitement or time invested in the marriage
  • Work pressures – long hours, running your own business
  • Financial strains – over committed financially 
  • Loss of employment – being made redundant or laid off leads to insecurity and uncertainty
  • Infidelity – lack of trust, unable or unwilling to forgive

Has the language between the two of you become more of ‘I’ and ‘me’ rather than ‘us’ and ‘we’?


Relationship Coaching is a relatively new way of looking at your relationship or marriage. It is different from relationship counselling. 

Hi Dave, we are definetly moving forwards. I actually have to pinch myself. I asked my husband, “what made the difference?” he said “your actually listening to me”. We have got a way to go and I need to keep building my confidence. If it wasn’t for you we would not be reconciling, I would not have known how to change. Thanks you so much. S. Roberts, Perth. Recovering after an affair.

Contrary to popular belief you can save your marriage even if it’s only you willing to work on it.

The benefits of this model are that the coaching gives you a goal to work towards – the outcome. The education gives you the tools to get there. 

The skills you’ll learn are not only for the benefit of your marriage but they are important life and social skills.


  • Do you know the difference between hearing and listening?
  • Do you know how to listen with empathy?
  • Are you a master or a disaster when it comes to managing conflict?
  • In an argument are you a distancer or a pursuer?
  • How would you manage a controlling partner?
  • Do you or your partner have angry outbursts? Is it a problem?
  • How can you be more assertive?

The above are some of the issues which I’m faced with on a regular basis.  

What if it seems a hopeless situation?

Knowing the psychology behind marriage breakdown and understanding which of your needs and your partners needs are not being met, we start to unpack how you drifted apart. The tools and mindset you have at present helped you to the place you’re at now. Time to take on new ways.


How do we start the process

  • Understanding where you are in your marriage is the first step – drop me a line or + (61) 0 435006423
  • Are you committed to saving your marriage? Can you commit to change?
  • We work on a realistic outcome based on our discussion.
  • We begin moving you forward to start reconnecting with your spouse, even if they have moved out.

There are no words in the english language to explain how happy we are now, as cliche as it sounds. Thank you for everything. D. Atkinson, Adelaide.


If you are unsure about relationship counselling or coaching drop me a line. Working with hundreds of couples and individuals over many years from various cultural backgrounds and countries, I have a broad understanding of relational issues.

Contact me now and start saving your marriage.

Yours in happiness,

Dave Crispin 0435006423 MAREAA

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love”