Life Coach, Mentor, Counsellor, Therapist

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Life Coach, Mentor, Counsellor, Therapist are all specialised areas.

Asking, ‘which one do I need?’ is a common question.

Life Coach and Mentor Dave Crispin

Life Coach and mentor Dave Crispin


By Definition

The definition of a Life Coach is one that supports and empowers you to achieve a specific outcome or goal.
Life Coaching is future oriented with a vision created congruent with your values and beliefs.

Coaching – Typically a short term relationship. A coach does not advise but empowers the client to take ownership of the outcome. Client is kept accountable and focused.

Mentoring – Longer term relationship. Mentor can share wisdom based on previous experiences.

Counselling – Normally solves problems connected to the past, the conversation is based in present. Counsellor normally advises.

Therapy – or Psychotherapy generally refers to the treatment of mental or emotional disorders using psychological techniques.

In a coaching relationship the coach has minimal input, the client dictates the pace and direction.
It is the coach’s job to facilitate the client using challenging and thought provoking questions.

  • “I’ve tried several times before, I just can’t do it on my own”
  • “I’ve lost my confidence, I never used to be like this”
  • “I need to be more assertive, people just walk all over me”
  • “It’s time for a change but I don’t know what to do”

The above are real examples I have been able to work through with various clients to achieve a positive outcome.

Results are largely based on the clients commitment and willingness to change.  I will encourage and support you in achieving your goal.


Space for creativity and exploration.


Life Coaching is very powerful.

The coaching model is designed to Inspire, Empower and Assist you to move forward, making those life long changes to live the life you wish to create.

To create your ideal life, contact me now.

Dave Crispin.

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love”