Men and Mental Health

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Men and mental health issues An article in the  ‘West Australian’ recently highlighted the need to try and reduce the stigma associated with men and mental health issues among Australias blue collar workers.

The piece by journalist ‘Daniel Mercer’ coincided with beyond blues re-release of their man therapy campaign. 

As a speaker for Beyond Blue and working as a coach and adult psycho education facilitator, I frequently talk with men and women about mental health issues.



Men and mental health

Men and mental health issues


Crisis of meaning

Midlife crisis is the common term, basically it refers to lack of purpose and meaning.

We get to a certain age in our lives, 45-55 years and think what have I done with my life, and whats left, where to from here.

Many people I speak with are faced with uncertainty, men and women. They may have lost their job or partner, going through a divorce or get knock-back after knock back applying for jobs frequently told; you’re too old. Thats a big knock to your self-worth.

Mental health isnt just about depression and anxiety. Post traumatic stress, eating disorders, addictions, obsessive compulsive disorders and many forms of dementia.

Fortunately there are measures that can be taken whether coaching, therapy, counseling or medication depending on the diagnosis and severity.

Contact me for advice or information on any of the above,

Dave Crispin.


“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love”