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mental health workshop PerthGet Ahead – Mental health advocacy in the workplace.

Untreated mental health conditions cost Australian businesses nearly $11 billion per year in absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims.

Research shows that 1 in 5 workers are likely to experience some form of a mental health condition each year. When business invests in initiatives designed to promote good mental health, it equates to far fewer days lost due to presenteeism and absenteeism. 

Return on Investment.

For every dollar invested in mental health initiatives there’s an average return on investment of $2.30. Ignoring mental health in the workplace costs, financially, by loss of  productivity and a general sense of low morale. 

Proactive businesses who advocate sound mental health policies are seen by employees as a more caring company. The returns are: higher retention rates and more cohesion in the workplace.

Get ahead – 1 hour program for your workplace

As a business or community, you may feel that you do not have the resources or expertise to create a mentally healthy  community or business environment. This one hour introduction will give you the fundamentals on how to best support an employee or individual.

However, the costs of inaction – absenteeism, reduced productivity, high turnover of staff, can significantly impact your business operation.

We Focus on 3 key Areas:

  1. How to create a culture of ‘ looking out for one another’ in the workplace.
  2. Providing staff with the tools to make it easier  to recognise and offer support to a colleague.
  3. Develop procedures for ongoing support.

During the 1 hour presentation staff will learn how mental health effects all ages and genders, it doesn’t discriminate.  They will understand the complexities of depression, and the components which lead to it. We address why depression, anxiety and suicide, impacts males and females differently.

A variety of skills

Participants will also learn 3 different questioning techniques on how to approach someone they may be concerned about. Learn several ways to strengthen their own mental health and well-being developed by a leading US Neuroscientist. 

Learning  new communication skills gives staff confidence to approach another, and ask, “hey, how are things going at the moment?”

Learn a variety of interpersonal skills: understand body language, empathic language, empathic listening techniques, and how to offer support.

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“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love”