Is verbal abuse part of your marriage?

“You’ve got it all wrong as usual, don’t you listen? How many times have I told you?”  I’ll tell you how you feel. Is that right, have you got it wrong or is your partner defining [...]

Your right to self-expression.

There can be a price for nice – is at the expense of your self-expression? “But she’s supposed to be a nice lady, nice ladies aren’t supposed to get angry?” The conversation proceeded, “ [...]

Anger in a marriage

“What’s the point! nothing ever changes, I’m never listened to so I might as well just keep quiet and not say anything”Sound familiar?Unexpressed anger in a marriage leads to resentment & [...]

Anger Management Perth – Workshops

Manage anger more productively. We all feel anger.  Anger is an instinctual response triggered by a real or imagined threat. Most men and some women feel angry when someone or something obstructs [...]