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Stronger Marriage Workshop October 2018 or online now
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Stronger Marriage – Online 

Will your marriage stand the test of time? Learn the skills to be a ‘master’ and not end up a ‘disaster’ in your marriage. Explore the 5 areas of intimacy and understand why they’re so important for forging a deep connection. Relationship empowerment, responsible distance taking, reflective listening and conversational tools will be just some of the techniques you’ll learn.

This 4 x 2 hour program run over 4 weeks, is designed to empower you with new skills and knowledge. I’ll  take you from ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’, to ‘I know what I don’t know’, then to ‘I know what I know’. Find out more….

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Self-Worth. Your right to be heard!

How to see the true value of who you really are – self-worth. Know what it means to be assertive and recognize the fears that hold you back and how better to manage anxiety.

  • Learn to be more assertive
  • Learn how to lead and influence others
  • Open questioning techniques
  • Learn 3 components to effective listening
  • How to deal with a harsh start-up

Whether you’ve been in, or are in an oppressive relationship with constant pu-downs, or never had the confidence to be heard, this course is for you.

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Managing Anger & Verbal Abuse

Understand why you get angry and how you can manage it before it escalates to rage or aggression. The process your body goes through to get to the point of no-return. Learn what your triggers are, learn  effective exit strategies and develop greater tolerance using various coping mechanisms.

We all get angry, it’s part of who we are. The difference between us is how we express it. Better to express anger in a productive, non-threatening manner, rather than flying into a rage or uncontrollable aggression. For men and women who feel their anger needs to be managed more constructively.



Learn new strategies to better manage the pain of divorce or loss. Believe it or not, fear, denial, anger, and grief are the start of the healing process.

When you’ve finished the story on acceptance, you’re ready to make a start. There is another life out there, it may seem distant and out of reach, but it’s there. A new chapter waiting to be written, and guess what? You’re the author!

Yes, there will be challenges and uncertainty, but you will have the tools and skills (and the back-up) to adequately write new chapters entitled: My new found self, how to trust again, my purpose now, and, to be or not to be in a relationship – that is the question? (Click here) to Listen to a recent podcast where I speak with a US divorce attorney on rebuilding after divorce.


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Our programs are: fun, revolve around hands-on learning, with the emphasis on inclusivity, and are based on real life situations with tools that I use personally in my marriage or use in my daily practice.

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