Life Coaching and Personal Development

What exactly is Life Coaching?

“I’ve lost my drive, my mojo, my purpose in life, and I seem to be going around and around in circles, I can’t seem to break the cycle.”

We all get caught in a rut at some stage, some more than others. Fortunately there is a way to break the cycle – Life coaching!

Life coaching is a powerful tool, it can help you change, old destructive habits, unhelpful core beliefs and replace them with a new more helpful belief system. As a qualified professional Life coach with hundreds of hours of coaching under my belt, I’d welcome the opportunity to have a friendly chat.

Working in this field for many years, I’ve learnt the most productive approach is to focus on your strengths, not focusing on your weaknesses. Using a strengths based approach promotes, energy, effectiveness, productivity and a sense of empowerment.

Typical areas I work in are: mid-life crisis, lack of motivation, career change and failing relationships.

We start by taking an objective look at your current situation, then we focus on 3 key areas:

  • Defining your goal/s
  • Planning and Process
  • Accountability and Outcome

Defining your goal/s

– “where do I start”? “I’m lacking motivation, “I feel like I’m stuck”, “I don’t know what I want,” Common questions and ones which deserve answers. Defining your outcome is the very first step. When you have trouble defining your goal or your goal appears overwhelming,  you normally give up before even starting. A realistic outcome is specific, within your capabilities and in a realistic time frame.

Planning & Process

– without a structure or plan it’s just ‘wishful thinking’. The process of accomplishment consists of undertaking manageable steps towards your outcome. My role is one of support, not to hold your hand but, to keep you accountable on what we agree to. Are you a global thinker, or a specific thinker? Concrete or abstract thinker? Do you have the motivation but not the ability? Or the other way around?

The outcome – where now?

your success is my success. At the end of our relationship you will walkaway with a set of life skills. A set of skills that will help you navigate through various life obstacles that will undoubtedly present throughout your life. The skill set is adaptable. As a trained Coach, NLP practitioner, Positive Psychologist and Psycho educator you will be working with one of the best.

Thought provoking and challenging.

Like any professional relationship it’s one built on mutual trust, respect and understanding. My aim is to help you live your life to it’s full potential through a supportive process enabling behavioural changes in your work, personal life and relationships.

My intention is to work with you using your strengths to be more creative in exploring different ways to tackle these issues, ways which you may not have thought of in the past.

Are you willing to commit to the process and to be held accountable? If so, we will get results.

Contact me now to see how coaching can benefit you,  Dave Crispin

Areas in which I work

    • Confidence building
    • Marriage or Relationship problems
    • Lack of motivation
    • Lack of assertiveness
    • Low self-esteem/self Worth
    • Managing anxiety
    • Rebuilding after divorce
    • Infidelity

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