Marriage counselling, couples therapy or coaching?

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Counselling or therapy can actually make matters worse, find out why.

Marriage counselling in Perth.  Read this first if your partner has walked out. It may just save your marriage .

Normally, the first area couples focus on is marriage counselling, why? Because, traditionally it’s all you know. In my experience I normally see couples after they have been to marriage counselling and it’s actually made matters worse, the statistics speak for themselves.

Working with couples

Would you put the fate of your relationship into someone’s hands who’s been divorced half a dozen times. I know I wouldn’t. It’s similar to working with a financial planner when they’ve been bankrupt half a dozen times and they’re struggling to make ends meet. Why take the risk?

My first relationship lasted 26 years, unfortunately, that beautiful soul passed away suddenly, and then I spent 3 years rediscovering myself.  My current relationship is still going strong – after 10 fantastic years. Studying and learning what makes a relationship work has helped.

A qualified counsellor, marriage coach, NLP practitioner and a qualified Psycho educator with Relationships Australia, all adds to my catalogue of skills. Working in this field for a number of years I’ve also studied and run courses in managing anxiety, depression, pornography addiction and self-worth issues.

I’m passionate about my work, if you’re passionate about saving your relationship, then we’ll be a good match.

Before you contact me, you’ll need to know your ‘why’ – why you’d like to work to save your relationship. Once you have the ‘why’ we can then work on a plan for your ‘How’.

Don’t leave it too late or before you make matters worse, please give me a call – +61 435006423

Relationship Coaching.

Relationship coaching or couples coaching is a relatively new concept that’s been enjoying great results.

Unlike Couples therapy, there isn’t the stigma around coaching as there is with counseling, counseling is very much ‘the luck of the draw’ in who  you find.

Coaching for many years all over the world, and working for one of America’s top marriage saving websites, my knowledge and experience is extensive.

Issues are similar the world over. Inability to manage conflict, poor communication skills and lack of connection. Infidelity, trust and one of the biggest is not being able or willing to see from another’s perspective. For an urgent, same day 1 hour telephone coaching session click below now.

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Relationships are built on connection.

Relationships are built on connection. When you start to distance from your partner and disconnect, that’s when you know you have a problem. We focus on how to start reconnecting.  Maintaining a healthy, respectful relationship takes commitment and a willingness to try.  Good relationships don’t just happen, they develop.

All relationships go through bad patches, it’s perfectly normal. The problem is when the bad patches are constant and the intensity increases to the point where it impacts on your general health and well-being. It’s time to give me a call.  There is always something which you can do, always!

Knowing that you have someone in your corner and a blueprint to follow, helps lower your stress and anxiety.

If you are willing to try, don’t leave it until it’s too late.

Contact me now to find out how.

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Areas in which I work

    • Confidence building
    • Marriage or Relationship problems
    • Lack of motivation
    • Lack of assertiveness
    • Low self-esteem/self Worth
    • Managing anxiety
    • Rebuilding after divorce
    • Infidelity
    • Pornography addiction

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