Anxiety, Motivation – Dave Crispin, Speaker, Perth.


Changing our attitudes towards mental health.

Mental health advocacy speaker in Perth

Personal stories are extremely powerful, therefore, when told with so much passion and conviction are more relatable.

Mental health advocacy speaker in Perth, Dave Crispin, regularly speaks to local communities, LGA’s and at corporate functions about challenges with depression and anxiety which is so pervasive throughout our community today.

Dave Crispin’s opening address to a packed rotary club convention, starts by telling us the alarming statistics surrounding mental health and the challenges society faces today.

How do we tell if a work colleague, family member or friend is experiencing a mental health condition? Using an easy to follow guide of what to look for and how to approach someone, Dave shares some valuable insights and tools to work with.

Dave draws on his personal experiences, talking about mental health and the stigma that sometimes surrounds this often uncomfortable topic.Working in the oil and gas industry and running various businesses he has seen first had the impact that a mental health condition can have on an individual and on a team in the workplace.

His story is truly uplifting and inspirational becuase it’s told with his extensive knowledge on the topic and his trademark brand of humour.

Anxiety, often the white elephant in the room.

Speaking from experience, Dave finds anxiety is far more prevalent than depression, but talked about far less. One in three women and one in five men will experience some form of anxiety in their lifetime.

As a speaker/presenter he travels throughout Western Australia helping to reduce the stigma associated with a mental health condition.

Triumph through adversity.

The overall message is one of hope and resilience, because, as long as you have hope you have an opportunity for change.

To find out more if this topic interests you or you would like him to speak at one of your events, contact Dave for more details.

Areas in which I work

    • Confidence building
    • Marriage or Relationship problems
    • Lack of motivation
    • Lack of assertiveness
    • Low self-esteem/self Worth
    • Managing anxiety
    • Rebuilding after divorce
    • Infidelity

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