pornography addiction

A subset of Sex Addiction.

The opposite to addiction is connection.

Pornography addiction, unlike drug or alcohol addiction isn’t as obvious to detect. The user, generally reaches out when they’ve been found out, or it’s having a major impact on their way of life. Fortunately, it is treatable.

When you think about porn addiction it’is steeped in secrecy. It’s a very lonely, solitary and isolating pursuit, the exact opposite of connecting with others.

My wife found out. I’ve just lost my job, I was discovered at work becuase my computer was infected with a virus. I’ve been spending $2,000.00 a week on live porn sites. I feel so much shame and guilt, I dont feel worthy of anything or anyone.

The above is just a small sample of the type of comments I hear from clients when they reach out for help. Clients are sometimes in tears, sometimes it’s late in the evening, and even on a Sunday.  But, it’s usually out of desperation. Knowing that there is a way forward, and treatment is possible brings a certain level of comfort from our conversation.

The online workshop is designed to give you a set of skills and tools, explained during the presentations, so you can takeaway and use by yourself.

An interactive forum where we discuss, ask questions in a group, while woking through various strategies to break old habits.

Connecting online in a group format with interractions via email for questions during our course, you’ll have the opportunity to pose and listen to various questions during our sessions.

If you’re interested please email me or direct text message for expression of interest.